Strong performance from Barbados at CMRC Wallerfield

Team Barbados headed home from last Sunday’s (July 24) second round of the 2016 Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship with a 100 per cent finishing record in all classes at the Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway in Trinidad & Tobago. Mark Maloney, who now leads the Group 4 2wd Championship, was the group’s Champion Driver on the day, while Steve King, who claimed his first CMRC victory, shared the Gp3 Champion Driver honours with Paul Vieira.

Attention now turns to preparations for round three of the CMRC, which will headline Bushy Park Motor Sport Inc’s (BPMSI) action-packed International Race Meet at the St Philip facility over the weekend of September 3rd/4th, a little over five weeks away.

The Digicel / Maloney Racing Team Mazda RX-3 ran faultlessly all weekend. Maloney said: “A lot of time has been spent on making it more reliable and it is now faster than ever before and handling better than ever before”, words backed up by his Qualifying performance. He was comfortably the fastest 2wd, by more than 1sec, with a time of 40.125s; more than that, he was right on the heels of the top 4wd cars – lap record holder Guyana’s Kristian Jeffrey (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX) was on pole (39.047s), with Jamaica’s Doug Gore (Audi TT-R DTM) clocking 39.830s.MMMT

Although there are now separate points tables – and Champion Driver titles – for 2wd and 4wd Group 4, the two classes ran together at Wallerfield, Maloney just seven-tenths behind Gore at the chequered flag after the first 12-lap race. But it was the 2wd battle on which Maloney needed to focus – with a hat-trick of comfortable victories, finishing more than 30secs ahead of his closest rivals, he is the new Gp4 2wd points leader.

T&T’s Franklyn Boodram (Renault Megane Trophy) was second in the first two races, then third in the final outing behind Jamaica’s Peter Rae (Mazda RX-7), who had led the points before the weekend. Adding victory in the final race at Jamwest in May, Maloney now has four straight wins to his credit, and 118 points; Rae is second (108) and Boodram third (102) promising a close battle ‘at home’ for Maloney in September.

In Group 3, Steve King qualified the Automotive Art / Valvoline / Percy King Auto Parts Toyota Starlet fourth, with three T&T drivers ahead – David Lyons (Suzuki Swift) on pole, reigning Champion Paul Vieira (Mazda RX-7) and Ronald Wortman (Honda Civic). King finished fifth in race one, equalling his best overseas CMRC result (Guyana 2014), then claimed his first podium in race two, before crowning a successful day with his first win.

King’s strong performance netted him 50 points, slotting him straight in to fourth place in the Gp3 standings, behind the only three drivers who have scored at both venues – Vieira, who has 125, Guyana’s Danny Persaud (Mazda Miata) on 66 and Jamaica’s Alan Chen (Starlet), who has scored 63. With dropped scores to be taken into account at year-end, there is still a long way to go.

Twice a CMRC Champion, Mark Thompson (Stag Beer / Automotive Art / Glassesco / NKM Clothing / Bio-Beauty / Calvin Alkins Customs Services Honda Civic) had three top five finishes in the fiercely-competitive Group 2. T&T’s Mark Williams, in the ex-Kyle Gregg Civic, claimed a hat-trick of wins, chased home each time by the Civics of Guyana’s Shan Seejattan and T&T’s Luke Bhola, who has assumed the Gp2 lead from Jamaica’s Sebastian Rae, who did not race. With two fourths and a fifth to his credit, Thompson joins the standings in seventh place.

On two wheels, Brook Miller piloted the Evolite / Kari Brook Live / Bridgestone / VP Racing / Kore Fitness / Biz Needz Suzuki GSX-R600 to three top seven finishes in the CMRC Superstock races; with 20 riders having scored points so far, Miller’s 26 slot him into 10th place, Guyana’s Stephen and Matthew Vieira are leading the way aboard Kawasaki and Triumph machines, with 122 and 105 points respectively.

Image courtesy of Nicholas Bhajan Photography/Caribbean Action Images.

Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship 2016

Round 2, July 23/24 – Wallerfield, Trinidad & Tobago – results

Group 4 (4wd) – Race 1: 1st Doug Gore (JAM), Audi TT-R DTM; 2nd Christian Bourne (T&T), Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII; 3rd Kristian Boodoosingh (T&T), Evo VI; 4th Gregory John (T&T), Mazda RX-7; no other finishers Race 2: 1st Gore; no other finishers Race 3: 1st Gore; 2nd Gerard Carrington (T&T), Evo VIII; 3rd Boodoosingh; 4th John; no other finishers

Driver Championship (Gp4 – 4wd): 1st Gore 136 points; 2nd Kyle Gregg (JAM), Radical RXC 43pts; 3rd Boodoosingh 30pts; 4th John 24pts; equal 5th Bourne, Carrington & Paul Bodden (CAY), Evo VII 18pts; etc

Group 4 (2wd) – Race 1: 1st Mark Maloney (BAR), Mazda RX-3; 2nd Franklyn Boodram (T&T), Renault Megane Trophy; 3rd Richard Mohammed (T&T), RX-7; 4th Jason Chen (T&T), Lotus Elite; 5th Peter Rae (JAM), RX-7; no other finishers Race 2: 1st Maloney; 2nd Boodram; 3rd Rae; 4th Mohammed; no other finishers Race 3: 1st Maloney; 2nd Rae; 3rd Boodram; 4th Mohan Rangasammy (GUY), RX-7; 5th David Lyons (T&T), Suzuki Swift; 6th Danny Persaud (GUY), Mazda Miata; etc

Driver Championship (Gp4 – 2wd): 1st Maloney 118pts; 2nd Rae 108pts; 3rd Boodram 102pts; 4th Rangasammy 51pts; 5th Mohammed 33pts; 6th Persaud 18pts; etc

Group 3 – Race 1: 1st Paul Vieira (T&T), Mazda RX-7; 2nd David Lyons (T&T), Suzuki Swift; 3rd Danny Persaud (GUY), Mazda Miata; 4th Alan Chen (JAM), Toyota Starlet; 5th Steve King (BAR), Starlet; 6th Ishmael Khan (T&T), Starlet Race 2: 1st P Vieira; 2nd A Chen; 3rd King; 4th Persaud; 5th Afraz Allie (GUY), Starlet; 6th Khan; etc Race 3: 1st King; 2nd Ronald Wortman (T&T), Honda Civic; 3rd A Chen; 4th Persaud; 5th Allie; 6th Khan

Driver Championship (Gp3): 1st P Vieira 125pts; 2nd Persaud 66pts; 3rd A Chen 63pts; 4th King 50pts; 5th Gary Barrett (CAY), Civic 42pts; 6th Nazim Gafoor (GUY), Miata 40pts; etc

Group 2 – Race 1: 1st Mark Williams (T&T), Honda Civic; 2nd Shan Seejattan (GUY), Civic; 3rd Luke Bhola (T&T), Civic; 4th Mark Thompson (BAR), Civic; 5th Che Carrington (T&T), Civic; 6th Justin Sanguinette (T&T), Civic; etc Race 2: 1st Williams; 2nd Seejattan; 3rd Bhola; 4th Thompson; 5th Sanguinette; 6th Peter Jaggon (JAM), Honda Civic; etc Race 3: 1st Williams; 2nd Seejattan; 3rd Bhola; 4th Kristian Boodoosingh (T&T), Civic; 5th Thompson; 6th Ross Vieira (T&T), Civic; etc

Driver Championship (Gp2): 1st Bhola 93pts; 2nd Williams 75pts; 3rd Sebastien Rae (JAM), Civic 55pts; 4th Seejattan 54pts; 5th Marc Gill (T&T), Civic 50pts; 6th Daryl Ali (T&T), Civic 45pts; etc

Country Championship (Cars): 1st Trinidad & Tobago 799pts; 2nd Jamaica 465pts; 3rd Guyana 276pts; 4th Barbados 202pts; 5th Cayman Islands 60pts; 6th CAMS 4pts

Superstock – Race 1: 1st Matthew Vieira (GUY), Triumph 675 Daytona; 2nd Stephen Vieira (GUY), Kawasaki ZX6; 3rd Keil Abraham (T&T), Kawasaki ZX6; 4th Warren De Nobrega (T&T), Yamaha R6; 5th Brook Miller (BAR) Suzuki GSX-R600; 6th Kevin Persaud (GUY), Kawasaki ZX6; etc Race 2: 1st M Vieira; 2nd S Vieira; 3rd Abraham; 4th Dominic DeLeon (T&T), Kawasaki ZX6; 5th Miller; 6th Heeranand Boodram (GUY), Yamaha R6; etc Race 3: 1st M Vieira; 2nd S Vieira; 3rd DeLeon; 4th H Boodram; 5th De Nobriega; 6th Abraham; etc

Rider Championship: 1st S Vieira 122pts; 2nd M Vieira 105pts; 3rd Robert McDonald (JAM), Yamaha R6 45pts; 4th Elliott Vieira (GUY), Kawasaki ZX6 43pts; 5th Abraham 38pts; equal 6th De Nobrega & Linton Martin (JAM), Kawasaki ZX6 28pts; etc

Country Championship (Bikes): 1st Guyana 326pts; 2nd Jamaica 157pts; 3rd Trinidad & Tobago 97pts; 4th Barbados 26pts

Team Barbados heads south for CMRC action at Wallerfield

A four-man team from Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc (BPMSI) will see action at the Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway in Trinidad & Tobago this weekend (July 23/24). They will contest round two of the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motoring Racing Championship (CMRC), which heads for Bushy Park Barbados for its third round on September 3/4.

BMMark Maloney will contest Group 4 in his Digicel / Maloney Racing Team Mazda RX-3, Steve King Gp3 in the Automotive Art / Valvoline / Percy King Auto Parts Toyota Starlet and Mark Thompson Gp2 in his Stag Beer / Automotive Art / Glassesco / NKM Clothing / Bio-Beauty / Calvin Alkins Customs Services Honda Civic. On two wheels, Brook Miller will fly the Broken Trident aboard the Evolite / Kari Brook Live / Bridgestone / VP Racing / Kore Fitness / Biz Needz Suzuki GSX-R600.

MM-1Maloney was the only Barbados driver at the opening round of the CMRC at Jamwest in Jamaica in May, where he finished third in Group 4 2wd – the top group is split this year, with a year-end Champion to be declared in both 4wd and 2wd. He was elbowed out of the first race, recording a dnf, battled through from 13th to finish second in race two, then finished fourth overall and top 2wd in the day’s final race.

Jamaica’s Peter Rae (RX-7) had won the two earlier races, then finished third in race three, amassing a total of 65 points, with T&T’s Franklyn Boodram (Renault Megane Trophy) second on 51 – he was second-third-second – while Maloney logged 43. Maloney was at Wallerfield last year, but mechanical issues on Saturday meant no racing, while Rae and hometown hero Boodram each had two points-scoring finishes.

This leading trio can expect further competition from Guyana’s Mohan Rangasammy (RX-7), who lies four points adrift of Maloney after Jamwest, and his fellow countryman Danny Persaud, whose Mazda Miata finished five out of six races at Wallerfield last year, when he ran in both Groups 3 and 4.

MT Two-time CMRC Gp2 Champion Thompson will be hoping to repeat his first visit to Wallerfield in 2014, when he won all three Gp2 races on the way to his second title, having won previously in 2012. Last year, having set the pace in Qualifying, victory in Race 1 was his best finish, heading home the Civics of Guyana’s Shairaz Roshandin and T&T’s Marc Gill, who went on to win the Gp2 title. After retiring from Race 2 with engine problems, Thompson started at the back for the last race, benefitting from a Turn 1 incident to run fourth at the end of lap one; his Civic started smoking again, however, and he finished third behind Mark Williams (Civic) and Roshandin, with Gill fourth.

King will run in Gp3, where Reigning Champion, Guyana’s Paul Vieira, will again race a Mazda RX-7 for T&T’s Team Tigers. With a hat-trick of wins in Jamaica, his maximum 75 points gives him a 33-point advantage over Gary Barrett (Civic) of the Cayman Islands, with Guyana’s Nazim Gafoor (Miata) third, another two points adrift.

Miller, who leads the BPMSI Class A Bikes Championship, reinforced his excellent current form on Easter Monday, when he brought the Bushy Park Barbados Outright Bike Lap Record back home with a lap of 1m 04.192s, beating the mark set by Guyana’s Elliot Vieira at last September’s CMRC International.

Elliott is one of three Vieiras racing this weekend – with two wins and a second in Jamaica, Stephen leads the Superstock standings, with Jamaica’s Robert McDonald second; Elliott, who won the third race at Jamwest, is third, ahead of Matthew Vieira.

Practice and qualifying on Saturday will be followed by a full programme of racing on Sunday, slated to start at 11.00am. As well as three races each for the CMRC categories, there will be local events for the Trinidad & Tobago Automobile Sports Association Gp1 and the new Super Street category, along with a demonstration by Zachary Boodram in his Formula 4 single-seater.

Guyana claims Seaboard Marine CMRC hat-trick

 Following a strong showing across all classes in the final round of the 2015 Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) at South Dakota on Sunday (November 15), Team Guyana has won the Country Championship for a third straight year. The home team’s impressive tally of 423 points rocketed them from third place to first, beating Trinidad & Tobago to the coveted title by just eight points.

 Guyana’s Kristian Jeffrey (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX) notched up a hat-trick of Group 4 wins to claim back-to-back Champion Driver titles; Paul Vieira (Mazda RX-7) won the inaugural Gp3 Championship for Trinidad & Tobago, defeating Cayman Islander Gary Barrett (Honda Civic), who had led all season; Marc Gill (Civic) doubled up for T&T’s Team Tigers, as the first non-Barbadian driver to claim the Gp2 title.

 There was no doubt ahead of the weekend that the CMRC Superstock title would fall to one or other of the Guyanese Vieira cousins Stephen (Suzuki GSX-R600) or Elliot (Kawasaki ZX6-R); few would have predicted a clean sweep of race wins for the third cousin, Matthew (Triumph Daytona), however, as Elliot rode to three top four finishes, claiming his first CMRC title.

 Alongside the finale of the CMRC’s first four-round season, the Guyana Motor Racing & Sport Club’s (GMR&SC) final race meet of the season also included the first home track demonstration by Calvin Ming of the Formula 4 single-seater in which he finished fourth in the category’s debut NACAM race on the supporting programme at the Mexican GP.

 Chairman of the CMRC’s co-ordinating body, the Caribbean Motor Racing Association (CMRA), was delighted the Championship’s most successful season yet. Ray Rahaman said: “After two years and seven events on four tracks, our Association is now well set to expand and showcase our racing product in 2016. Over the course of the season, nearly 90 drivers and riders have scored points across the four CMRC classes, which is enormously encouraging. We look forward to next year with great eagerness.”

 Jeffrey claimed pole position for Gp4 in Saturday qualifying in a time of 33.592s, ahead of a determined Mark Maloney of Barbados (Mazda RX-3), with T&T’s Kristian Boodoosingh (Evo 6.5) third, all three covered by just eight-tenths. Guyana’s Andrew King (RX-7), Kevin Jeffrey (Evo IX) and Vishok Persaud (Subaru Impreza) were next up.

 The attrition rate was high among the ‘Big Guns’, Jeffrey cantering to his hat-trick of wins, largely untroubled by the opposition; Boodoosingh finished second-third-second in the three 15-lap encounters to clinch the runner-up slot in the year-end standings, with Kevin Jeffrey, King and Maloney also making it into the top three during the day, Maloney’s fighting third place in race three – he finished just inches behind Boodoosingh – a hint of what might have been, but for earlier problems.

 In Gp3, T&T’s Ravi Singh planted his RX-7 on pole from Vieira, with Oliver Tjin Liep Shie bringing Surinam to the table in his Civic; with limited track time, points leader Barrett qualified seventh but, despite three points-scoring finishes – eighth-seventh-seventh – could not amass enough points to cling to his advantage. Singh won two of the day’s three races, chased home by Vieira, who beat Singh to the flag by just six-tenths in the final race, enough to win the title.

 Former Gp2 Champion Kurt Thompson of Barbados (Honda CRX) had three top-four finishes to hold on to third place in the standings, ahead of Guyana’s multi-tasker Danny Persaud, whose Mazda Miata had suffered a fire during qualifying. Singh finished an impressive year-end fifth, after just one outing, ahead of Jamaica’s Natasha Chang (Honda S2000), whose weekend at South Dakota was a frustrating one, lack of seat time compounded by problems with understeer.

 There was also a new name at the top of the Qualifying sheets in Gp2, Guyana’s Shan Seejattan (Civic), who started ahead of former Champion Kenrick Husbands (Barbados – Toyota Starlet), 2015 points-leader Gill and Reigning Champion Mark Thompson of Barbados (Civic). There were huge grids, testament to the growing popularity of the CMRC in the lower groups, with local drivers claiming all three race wins: Seejattan was beaten to the flag by a margin of just 2secs in race one by Rameez Mohamed (Starlet), but he beat his fellow countryman in the other two encounters.

 Gill’s fourth-third-fourth finishes, although his worst meet of the season, were enough to clinch the title, while ‘Snappa’ Husbands (Starlet) and Shairaz Roshandin (Civic) also finished in the top three. Mark Thompson finished second to Gill in the final standings, with Roshandin third; Jordan Powell’s (Civic) hat-trick of wins on his home track in Jamaica in March was still good enough for third place, despite him not racing again, with Seejattan and Mohammed slotted in fifth and sixth.

 Matthew Vieira signalled his intent from early, claiming pole position for the CMRC Superstock races, but cousin Elliot, Joel Neblette, Carlos Mendonca and Kevin Persaud were all within a second. While close racing was the order of the day in all the bike races, Matthew’s hat-trick consolidated his third place in the title chase, behind Elliot, who finished second-fourth-fourth and former CMRC Champion Stephen, whose fifth place in race one was his only points-scoring result.

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Team Barbados target Group 2 title in Guyana CMRC finale

Seven Class Champions from Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc’s inaugural season are heading south for the fourth and final round of the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) at South Dakota in Guyana over the weekend of November 13/14. They will bid farewell to their racing machines tomorrow (Tuesday), as they are loaded for shipping in the Bridgetown Port.

Ten drivers and four bikers will represent Barbados as the CMRC’s first-ever four-round season comes to an end. Barbados is playing catch-up in the Country Championship: Trinidad & Tobago leads with 658 points, 125 ahead of Barbados – a huge score at Bushy Park in round three in September had lifted the island from the bottom in the table – with Guyana another 22 points behind. Jamaica and the Cayman Islands are fourth and fifth.

To win the title would be a tough call for Team Barbados, but not impossible: Country Championship points are scored in all three car Groups, and there are four Barbados drivers going for points in more than one Group. From an individual driver perspective, there is only one realistic chance to add to the individual titles won by local drivers, CMRC Group 2, which has always been won by a Bajan driver.

Reigning Champion Mark Thompson (Honda Civic), also the winner in 2012, is currently second to Trinidad & Tobago’s Marc Gill (Civic), the only Gp2 driver to have raced at all three rounds. Consistency has been Gill’s strong suit – he is yet to win a race this year – but new-for-2015 rules mean he drops his lowest three scores. If the rule were applied now, his 60-point cushion to Thompson would be cut to 18, so there is all for Thompson to play for, although South Dakota has not always been a happy hunting ground.

Thompson will be well supported by a strong Gp2 turn-out, including his brother Neil (Civic), former Champion Kenrick ‘Snappa’ Husbands (Toyota Starlet), Adrian Bailey (Peugeot 205), Tremaine Forde-Catwell (Daihatsu Charmant) and Quincy Jones (Starlet). Bailey, Jones and Neil Thompson have all won class titles at Bushy Park his year, with Mark Thompson the Hilti Handicap Champion in cars. Husbands and both Mark and Neil Thompson will also race in Gp3.

Mark Maloney (Mazda RX-3) will fly the flag in Gp4, along with Sammy Cumberbatch (BMW M3), who will also join 2013 CMRC Gp2 Champion Kurt Thompson (Honda CRX), his two brothers Mark and Neil, Husbands and Steve King (Starlet) to score points in CMRC Gp3.

While there is little doubt that the CMRC Superstock Championship will be won by one of the Guyanese cousins Stephen and Matthew Vieira, the former currently the leader by 14 points and the only previous Champion, a quartet of local riders are determined make their presence felt. Terrance Ollivierre (Suzuki GSX-R600), who has raced in Guyana in the past, will race alongside Devan McCartney, Brook Miller and Shirley Scantlebury, all on similar machines, representing their country outside these shores for the first time.

Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) – final round Team Barbados:
CMRC Group 4
86 Mark Maloney (Digicel / Maloney Racing Team Mazda RX-3)
CMRC Groups 3 & 4
83 Sammy Cumberbatch (Williams Industries / Castrol / Hilti BMW M3)
90 Kurt Thompson (Digicel 4G / Glassesco / Beacon Insurance / NKM Clothing / Bio-Beauty / Calvin Alkins Customs Services Honda CRX)
CMRC Group 3
76 Steve King (Automotive Art / Valvoline / Percy King Auto Parts Toyota Starlet)
CMRC Groups 2 & 3
7 Kenrick Husbands (Hilti / Williams Equipment / Big Gas / NP Oil Toyota Starlet)
81 Mark Thompson (Automotive Art / Glassesco Hardware / NKM Clothing / Bio-Beauty Honda Civic)
117 Neil Thompson (Glassesco / NKM Clothing / Bio Beauty / Calvin Alkins Customs Services Honda Civic) CMRC Group 2
67 Adrian Bailey (SRG Engineering / Dove’s Exhaust Repairs / Ellco Rentals / Bhana’s Everything Store / Tints’R’Us Peugeot 205)
122 Quincy Jones (Toyota Starlet)
140 Tremaine Forde-Catwell (Hilti / Cheese Auto Glass / Rezult Auto / Marks Auto Spares Daihatsu Charmant)
CMRC Superstock
11 Shirley Scantlebury (Ride-Tech Suzuki GSX-R600)
32 Terrance Ollivierre (Percy King Auto Parts / Kermit Bar / Demario’s Cycle World Suzuki GSX-R600)
64 Brook Miller (Sky Mall / Bridgestone / The Kore / Evolite / Bizneedz Suzuki GSX-R600)
93 Devan McCartney (Zephirin’s Bakery / Belleville Auto Spares / On The Rocks Bar Suzuki GSX-R600)

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Barbados up to second in Seaboard Marine CMRC

While heavy showers frequently disrupted the Williams Industries Digicel International Race Meet at Bushy Park Barbados on Sunday (September 13), competitors in round three of the 2015 Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship battled the elements in a hard-fought and action-packed programme on two and four wheels.

Guyana’s Stephen Vieira was crowned Champion Rider and fellow-countryman Kristian Jeffrey the Group 4 Champion, but Team Barbados was the big winner. Not only was Adrian Bailey crowned Champion Driver, but the host country hauled itself from fifth to second in the Country Championship title chase, with one round to go.

With no representation for the first time since the competition began, Jamaica has slipped to fourth, having led the Country standings after round one in March; Trinidad & Tobago, which hosted the second round in June, remains at the head of the table with 658 points, but a huge score of 441 over the weekend has promoted Barbados (533) to second place, ahead of Guyana (511), Jamaica (369) and the Cayman Islands (138).

CMRC Champion in 2011, Roger Mayers kicked off the weekend in fine style in ‘De Focus’, claiming pole position on his home track in a time of 60.472 seconds, seventh-tenths quicker than last year, with Reigning Champion Kristian Jeffrey of Guyana (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX) less than two-tenths adrift. Fastest two-wheel-drive runner Mark Maloney (Mazda RX-3) and T&T’s Kristian Boodoosingh (Evo 6.5) were on row two, Kevin Jeffrey (Evo IX) and Doug Maloney (Audi A4 quattro) on row three.

When the first Group 4 race got under way after weather delays, Mayers took the lead into the Hammer off the rolling start, chased by a determined Jeffrey, these two edging away; initially, they were chased by Boodoosingh, until a transfer box issue caused his retirement, then by multiple local Champion Stuart Williams (Lotus Elise). After an enthralling battle, ‘De Focus’ began to look rather wayward – front diff failure later confirmed – and Jeffrey snatched victory on the last lap. Williams was third, with Barry Mayers (WR Starlet), Jeffrey Snr and Mark Maloney the only remaining runners.

A depleted field of five assembled for the second encounter, as mechanical issues had sidelined Roger Mayers, Doug and Mark Maloney for the rest of the day. Track conditions were less than ideal, the 4wd Evos of Kristians Jeffrey and Boodoosingh easing away in the early laps, as Williams and Jeffrey Snr enjoyed a battle for third. Boodoosingh dropped back towards the end of the race, Williams and Barry Mayers both moving ahead of Jeffrey Snr, who was very nearly lapped by his son.

As there had also been attrition in CMRC Gp3, a merged race completed the day’s action (the two Hilti Handicaps were abandoned, to allow the Barbados Association of Dragsters & Drifters to start their Drag Warz 3 event at the agreed time). With some Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc (BPMSI) classes already combined with Gp3, the 16-strong grid promised to thrill the sizeable and hardy crowd, which had remained on The Hill, despite the appalling weather.

With track conditions now back to some degree of normality, Kristian Jeffrey led away, chased by Williams and Boodoosingh, the order constant until half-distance in what had been shortened to a six-lap race; Jeffrey retired with a rear differential failure, leaving Williams ahead of Boodoosingh. Hundreds of fans stood to cheer as Williams, winner of more than 80 races at Bushy Park in the past, kept the 4wd Evo at bay . . . until the last lap, when he touched the gear selector a split-second early, allowing the Evo through, crossing the line just feet behind. It was a spectacular end to a spectacular day.

Neil Thompson (Barbados, Honda Civic) set the pace in Qualifying for Gp2, four-tenths ahead of the rest, led by the Civic of T&T’s Marc Gill, with locals Edward Corbin (Starlet) and Tremaine Forde-Catwell (Daihatsu Charmant) next up. The first start of what was the day’s opening was red-flagged when the Mazda Miata of Guyana’s Nizam Gafoor was stranded on the grid . . . and then there was a second red flag, following a multi-car incident just after the re-start, which eliminated Corbin, pole-sitter Thompson and his brother Mark (Civic), who was forging through from the back of the grid.

At the second restart, with a depleted field, Gill led for one lap before Kenrick Husbands of Barbados (Starlet) forged past, easing away to a 3secs gap at the flag; locals Simon Gillmore and Bailey (both in Peugeot 205s) followed them home, with Saleem Deen (T&T) in his new Honda Integra the only other finisher. After the first-race accident, Reigning Champion Mark Thompson returned to win the remaining races, Gill finishing second twice to maintain a solid cushion in the points.

In Gp3, former Gp2 Champion Kurt Thompson (Honda CRX) of Barbados and his brother Mark (Civic) sandwiched Paul Vieira (Maxda-7) on the grid; in race one, Kurt T led Vieira home by 6secs, with local BMW M3 drivers Sammy Cumberbatch and Justin Campbell third and fourth – series leader, Cayman Islander Gary Barrett (Civic) finished eighth but, like Gill, he arrived with a comfortable advantage. Vieira headed Campbell and Kenrick Husbands (Starlet) home in race two, with Barrett fourth and Thompson fifth, then Kurt T reasserted himself in the final encounter, merged with Group 4, with Vieira and Mark T completing the podium.

Guyana presented a strong team in the CMRC Superstock Championship; combined with a growing number of bikers in Barbados, a grid of 19 was the largest ever seen at Bushy Park. Regular visitor – lap record holder on Old Bushy Park and the redeveloped facility – Stephen Vieira (Kawasaki) continued his winning ways, taking the chequered flag in all three encounters, although the third win was lost to a 5secs penalty for a jump start. Cousins Elliott (Kawasaki) and Matthew (Triumph) and fellow-countryman Joel Neblette (Suzuki) were the other podium finishers, Elliott claiming a new bike lap record at 64.269s.

The Championship concludes at South Dakota in Guyana on November 14/15.

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Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship September 12/13, 2015 – round 3, Bushy Park Barbados – results

Seaboard Marine CMRC Group 4 – race 1: 1st Kristian Jeffrey (GUY), Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX; 2nd Roger Mayers (BAR), ‘De’ Focus; 3rd Stuart Williams (BAR), Lotus Elise; 4th Barry Mayers (BAR), WR Starlet; 5th Kevin Jeffrey (GUY), Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX; 6th Mark Maloney (BAR), Mazda RX-3 Race 2: 1st Kristian Jeffrey; 2nd Kristian Boodoosingh (T&T), Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6.5; 3rd Williams; 4th B Mayers; 5th Kevin Jeffrey; no other finishers Race 3: 1st Boodoosingh; 2nd Williams; 3rd Kevin Jeffrey; 4th Justin Campbell (BAR), BMW M3; no other finishers Championship – Driver: 1st Jeffrey 183 points; 2nd Boodoosingh 101pts; 3rd Gerard Carrington (T&T), Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI 58pts; 4th George Bayley (JAM), Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII 51pts; 5th Williams 48pts; 6th Franklyn Boodram (T&T), Renault Megane Trophy 45pts; etc Seaboard Marine CMRC Group 3 – race 1: 1st Kurt Thompson (BAR), Honda CRX; 2nd Paul Vieira (T&T), Mazda RX-7; 3rd Kenrick Husbands (BAR), Toyota Starlet; 4th Danny Persaud (GUY), Mazda Miata; 5th Gary Barrett (CAY), Honda Civic; no other finishers Race 2: 1st Paul Vieira (T&T), Mazda RX-7; 2nd Husbands; 3rd Barrett; 4th Thompson; 5th Shawn Eversley (BAR), Suzuki Swift; no other finishers Race 3: 1st K Thompson; 2nd Husbands; 3rd Vieira; 4th Mark Thompson (BAR), Honda Civic; 5th Neil Thompson (BAR), Honda Civic; 6th Barrett Championship – Driver: 1st Barrett 138 points; 2nd Vieira 108pts; 3rd Persaud 70pts; equal 4th Natasha Chang (JAM), Honda S2000 & K Thompson 62pts; 6th Husbands 51pts; etc Seaboard Marine CMRC Group 2 – race 1: 1st Kenrick Husbands (BAR), Toyota Starlet; 2nd Marc Gill (T&T), Honda Civic; 3rd Simon Gillmore (BAR), Peugeot 205; 4th Adrian Bailey (BAR), Peugeot 205; 5th Saleem Deen (T&T), Honda Integra; no other finishers Race 2: 1st Mark Thompson (BAR), Honda Civic; 2nd Gill; 3rd Neil Thompson (BAR), Honda Civic; 4th Tremaine Forde-Catwell (BAR), Daihatsu Charmant; 5th Gillmore; 6th Bailey Race 3: 1st M Thompson; 2nd Gill; 3rd Husbands; 4th N Thompson; 5th Bailey; no other finishers Championship – Driver: 1st Gill 150 points; 2nd M Thompson 90pts; 3rd Jordan Powell (JAM), Honda Civic 75pts; 4th Shiaraz Roshandin (GUY), Honda Civic 61pts; 5th Mark Williams (T&T), Honda Civic 55pts; 6th Damien Nesbit (T&T), Nissan Sentra 52pts; etc Championship – Country: 1st Trinidad & Tobago 658 points; 2nd Barbados 533pts; 3rd Guyana 511pts; 4th Jamaica 369pts; 5th Cayman Islands 138pts Seaboard Marine CMRC Superstock – race 1: 1st Stephen Vieira (GUY), Kawasaki ZX6-R; 2nd Elliot Vieira (GUY), Kawasaki ZX6-R); 3rd Matthew Vieira (GUY), Triumph Daytona; 4th Kris Brathwaite (BAR), Suzuki GSX-R600; 5th Devan McCartney (BAR), Suzuki GSX-R600; 6th Terrance Olliviere (BAR), Suzuki GSX-R60; etc Race 2: 1st S Vieira; 2nd Joel Neblette (GUY), Suzuki GSX-R600; 3rd E Vieira; 4th Brook Miller (BAR), Suzuki GSX-R600; 5th Shirley Scantlebury (BAR), Suzuki GSX-R600; 6th Ryan Beckles (BAR), Suzuki GSX-R600; etc Race 3: 1st E Vieira; 2nd Neblette; 3rd S Vieira; 4th Luke De Nobriga (T&T), Yamaha R6; 5th M Vieira; 6th Scantelbury; etc Championship – Rider: 1st S Vieira 133 points; 2nd E Vieira 119pts; 3rd Robert McDonald (JAM), Yamaha YZF-R6 45pts; equal 4th David Bell (JAM), Honda CBR RR600 & Neblette 36pts; 6th M Vieira 28pts; etc

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Jeffrey starts title defence with wins

Defending Caribbean motor racing champion, Kristian Jeffrey is off to a flying start in his season with three wins in Jamaica.

Jeffrey in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 driving in Group four won all three of his races despite having mechanical problems during his first race.

In addition, during Jeffrey’s second race, the defending champ clocked his fastest lap time of 1.08.785s.

Meanwhile, Rameez Muhammed driving his Toyota Starlet Turbo copped the second position in two out of the three Group three races while Affraz Allie in his Toyota Glanza turbo was able to finish in second and third in two out of three races in the same group.

In the CMRC Super stock Bikes, Stephen Vieira won two out of his three races while finishing second in his third. Elliot Vieira was not far behind winning one out his three and finishing second in the other two.

In points standing, Jamaica leads the pack with 323 points while Guyana falls in second with 156 points. Trinidad finished third in 126 points, Cayman Islands third with 62 points and Barbados 0 due to no participation.