Jeffrey and Simpson join Suzuki Challenge Series winners

Guyana’s Kristian Jeffrey and local racer David Simpson joined the Suzuki Challenge Series SR3 Cup roll of honour yesterday (September 4) as they shared race wins with reigning champion Sean Maloney during the Digicel Williams International Race Meet at Bushy Park Barbados. Ryan Wood took the chequered flag in all three Swift Cup races, but was disqualified from the third for taking the Joker Lap twice, handing victory to Jason Parkinson.

Suleman Esuf claimed his third pole position in Saturday Qualifying, despite a loose wheel delaying him at the start of the session; by the time he emerged from the pits, the others had completed their allotted time, so he enjoyed a virtually clear track, the only driver to record a sub-60secs time. Guyana’s Calvin Ming joined him on the front row, ahead of Mark and Stuart Maloney, Simpson and Mark Vieira of Guyana, back for the first time since last year, Sean Maloney, Trinidad & Tobago’s David Coelho and Jeffrey, who had spun off on his first lap and failed to set a time.

Esuf made the best start, leading Ming and Stuart Maloney early on, with Mark Maloney moving up to fourth just before half-distance, by which time Sean Maloney and Vieira had retired. On lap six, Mark Maloney tried a brave manoeuvre into the Ws Hairpin, passing brother Stuart and Ming on the inside, even trying a move on Esuf; he spun across the track in front of Stuart and Ming on the exit, however – Stuart retired after contact, while Ming clipped the kerb and continued. Fifth-placed Simpson seized the moment; despite his best efforts, glued to the rear wing of Esuf’s Radical, he failed to find a way past, crossing the line four-tenths down, to equal his best result. Esuf was handed a 5secs jump start penalty, however, so Simpson claimed his first win, with Esuf, Jeffrey and Ming completing the finishers. Mark Maloney continued slowly, with damaged rear suspension, but was not classified.

The second race was one of a number hit by intermittent rain, Coelho and Ming retiring within seconds of the start as the pack streamed through the Hammer from the reverse grid formation, based on Qualifying. Sean Maloney emerged the leader, ahead of Simpson and the rest, but he soon spun, handing the lead to brother Stuart, who had already passed Simpson, with Esuf next up. Marks Maloney and Vieira enjoyed a fierce battle for fifth, the Guyanese driver eventually getting the upper hand, before Simpson spun down to last. Now second, Esuf to second put pressure on Stuart Maloney, until they aquaplaneded off into the gravel trap at the Dipper together, where they were soon joined by Mark Maloney, leaving his brother Sean to win, from Vieira and Simpson.

For the second race in a row, Ming was caught up in an incident at the first corner, which broke up the field, with Jeffrey the main beneficiary, handed a comfortable lead he was not to surrender. Initially second, Coelho lost the place to a determined move by Simpson at the Bullet, and then third to Esuf at the same corner on the following lap. After a spirited defence, Simpson lost out to Esuf three laps from home, but still had much to celebrate as the top points-scorer of the weekend, with three podium finishes.

Kenrick Husbands (Team Williams Industries) claimed his first Swift Cup pole position, by one-tenth from points leader Wood (Team Digicel), with Josh Read (Team Massy United Insurance) and newcomer Rhett Watson (Team ICBL) on row two. Wood led the day’s first race from lights to flag, opening sufficient of a gap to take the Joker Lap and rejoin still in the lead, ahead of Parkinson (Team Infra Rentals/Sol) and Read, who then lost third place to Husbands as he took his Joker on the last lap.

From the reversed grid based on Qualifying, Daryl Clarke (Team Digicel) lead off the line in the second race, but Carlos Edwards (Team Rock Hard Cement) was ahead by the end of the lap, and looked set for the win. Having started on the back row, Wood had been working through the field, however, and pounced on the final lap for his second win of the day, with Martinique’s Pascal Calvel claiming his first Swift Cup podium in third.

With the final grid based on points scored, Wood and Parkinson sat on the front row, Clarke and Barry Gale (Team Gale’s Agro Products) on row two, as Edwards had been served a four-grid penalty for an overly robust defence of his lead in the previous race. As before, Wood opened the gap enough to retain the lead on his Joker Lap, with the order behind remaining static, Parkinson ahead of Clarke and Read. By the final lap, Wood had opened the gap again and, much to everyone’s surprise, took a second Joker! Although that meant disqualification, handing victory to Parkinson, the 50 points scored from this two earlier wins were still sufficient for Wood to be top scorer of the day.

Suzuki Challenge Series, Swift Cup round 4 (September 4)

Race 1: 1st Ryan Wood (Team Digicel); 2nd Jason Parkinson (Team Infra Rentals/Sol); 3rd Kenrick Husbands (Team Williams Industries); 4th Josh Read (Team Massy United Insurance); 5th Barry Gale (Team Gale’s Agro Products); 6th Daryl Clarke (Team Digicel); 7th Arron Parris (Team Bushy Park); 8th Carlos Edwards (Team Rock Hard Cement); 9th Kristian Jeffrey – GUY (Team Suzuki); 10th Pascal Calvel – MTQ (Team Suzuki); 11th Rhett Watson (Team ICBL); DNF Timothy Stewart (Team Simpson Finance)

Race 2: 1st Wood; 2nd C Edwards; 3rd Calvel; 4th Clarke; 5th Watson; 6th B Gale; 7th Parkinson; 8th Read; 9th Parris; 10th Jeffrey; 11th Stewart; 12th Husbands

Race 3: 1st Parkinson; 2nd Clarke; 3rd Read; 4th Husbands; 5th Calvel; 6th B Gale; 7th C Edwards; 8th Watson; 9th Stewart; 10th Jeffrey; DNF Parris; DQ Wood

Points after round 3: 1st Wood 193 points; 2nd Parkinson 167pts; 3rd Read 136pts; 4th Husbands 96pts; 5th Dane Skeete (Team Simpson Finance) 77pts; 6th C Edwards 66pts; 7th Ryan Peyrau – T&T (Team Suzuki) 63pts; 8th Clarke 62pts; 9th Parris 56pts; 10th Kyle Catwell (Team ICBL) 55pts; 11th Calvel 44pts; 12th B Gale 38pts; 13th David Summerbell Jnr (Team Simpson Finance) 18pts; 14th Derek Edwards (Team Digicel) 15pts; 15th Watson 14pts; = 16th Freddie Gale (Team Gale’s Agro Products) & Jeffrey 4pts; 18th Stewart 2pts

Suzuki Challenge Series, SR3 Cup round 3 (September 4)

Race 1: 1st David Simpson; 2nd Suleman Esuf; 3rd Kristian Jeffrey – GUY; 4th Calvin Ming – GUY; NC Mark Maloney; DNF Stuart Maloney, David Coelho – T&T, Mark Vieira – GUY, Sean Maloney

Race 2: 1st Sean Maloney; 2nd Vieira; 3rd Simpson; NC Stuart Maloney, Esuf, M Maloney; DNF Jeffrey, Coelho, Ming

Race 3: 1st Jeffrey; 2nd Esuf; 3rd Simpson; 4th Vieira; 5th Coelho; 6th Ming; 7th Sean Maloney; DNF Stuart Maloney, M Maloney

Points after round 3: 1st Esuf 112 points; 2nd Stuart Maloney 103pts; 3rd Simpson 93pts; 4th Sean Maloney 92pts; 5th M Maloney 75pts; 6th Jeffrey 59pts; 7th Vieira 30pts; 8th Coelho 28pts; 9th James Abbott – ENG 27pts; 10th Ming 24pts; 11th Jack Manchester –ENG 8pts


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Landmark 50 reached by Suzuki Challenge Series

Confirmation of entries for Jamaica’s Timothy Stewart and local ace Rhett Watson in round four of the Swift Cup at Bushy Park Barbados carries past 50 the number of drivers who have participated in the Suzuki Challenge Series since its launch last March. This weekend’s (September 3/4) action is part of the Williams Digicel International Race Meet, featuring the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC).

Alongside island drivers, the Swift Cup has attracted entries from Guyana, Jamaica, Martinique and Trinidad & Tobago over the past 18 months, while the SR3 Cup for the Suzuki-powered Radical sports-racers has additionally seen participation from England, St Vincent & The Grenadines and the United States.

Stewart heads to Barbados to drive the Team Simpson Finance Swift Sport in good spirits, having finished second in last weekend’s Rally of the Kings in his home country in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, co-driven by Stephen Gunter. A multiple karting Champion in the past, Stewart has returned to karting this year (three third places in Rotax Senior so far), alongside sprints and rallies, after a period of limited activity in the sport.

He started karting in 2002, finishing second in the Junior Sportsman Championship the following season, winning the Most Improved Driver Award. More titles came as he moved through the classes and he was a hat-trick winner of Abe Ziadie Memorial Trophy (2004 to ‘06) for the most points won in the season. He also travelled to race in Europe and the United States, winning the Junior Pre-Final at the 2006 Rotax World Finals in Portugal, with his last major title at home the JKA Shifter Class in 2010.

For Watson, taking over the Team ICBL drive from the absent Kyle Catwell will mark a return to the driving seat of a Suzuki Swift Sport. It was one of the cars used when Watson won the multi-discipline Suzuki Rocks! ROC Barbados Challenge, earning the right to represent his country (along with Dane Skeete) at the 2014 Race Of Champions at Bushy Park. While most of his driving has been done on rally stages rather than race circuits – he has won the Barbados Rally Club’s Champion Driver title for the past two years – he is supremely competitive and looking forward to the weekend.

With three rounds run, Team Digicel’s Ryan Wood leads the Swift Cup standings, with three wins in eight races (there were only two at the Barbados Festival of Speed), backed up by a second and two thirds. He has 25 points (equal to one race win) in hand over Jason Parkinson (Team Infra Rentals/Sol), who has won twice, with two second places keeping him in touch. The gap back to the Swift Cup’s eternal bridesmaid Josh Read (Team Massy United Insurance) in third place is another 13 points, so this would be a good weekend for him to finally climb on to the top step of the podium.

Another driver heading for Bushy Park on a high is Guyana’s Calvin Ming, who has been mixing his SR3 Cup programme with the NACAM Formula 4 Championship in Mexico, along with kart and F1600 campaigns in the United States. Images of him winning a round of the F1600 Championship Series at New Jersey Motorsports Park last weekend in a photo finish by 1/1000 of a second have been hugely popular on social media.

Having only been in action for the two races at the Barbados FoS, Ming is playing catch-up in the SR3 Cup, which is being led by Stuart Maloney, who dominated the Easter weekend races, claiming only the second hat-trick of Radical SR3 victories since the Series was launched. Although he finished only second and fifth in May, he still enjoys a 27-point lead over Suleman Esuf, in turn just one point ahead of Mark Maloney. Esuf was the only SR3 Cup contender to take advantage of last Sunday’s (August 28) Open Track Day at Bushy Park for some additional testing, so may be the man on form.

SR3 Cup
Saturday: 10.40am – Practice; 3.00pm – Qualifying
Sunday: 9.20am – Race 1 (12 laps); 11.40am – R2 (12 laps); 2.40pm – R3 (12 laps)

Swift Cup
Saturday: 11.05am – Practice; 3.20pm – Qualifying
Sunday: 9.40am – Race 1 (8 laps); 12.00pm – R2 (8 laps); 3.00pm – R3 (8 laps)

SR3 Cup – provisional entry list, round 3:
5        David Coelho – T&T
7        David Simpson
10      Calvin Ming – GUY
14      Suleman Esuf
16      Stuart Maloney
22      Sean Maloney
58      Mark Vieira – GUY
86      Mark Maloney
261     Kristian Jeffrey – GUY

SR3 Cup – points after round 2: 1st Stuart Maloney 103 points; 2nd Esuf 76pts; 3rd M Maloney 75pts; 4th Sean Maloney 61pts; 5th Simpson 38pts; 6th James Abbott – ENG 27pts; 7th Jeffrey 19pts; 8th Coelho 18pts; 9th Jack Manchester – ENG 8pts; 10th Ming 4pts

Swift Cup – provisional entry list, round 4:
1        Kristian Jeffrey – GUY (Team Suzuki)
2        Daryl Clarke (Team Digicel)
3        Ryan Wood (Team Digicel)
4        Jason Parkinson (Team Infra Rentals/Sol)
5        Josh Read (Team Massy United Insurance)
6        Kenrick Husbands (Team Williams Industries)
7        Barry Gale (Team Gale’s Agro Products)
8        Pascal Calvel – MTQ (Team Suzuki)
9        Carlos Edwards (Team Rock Hard Cement)
10      Rhett Watson (Team ICBL)
11      Arron Parris (Team Bushy Park)
12      Timothy Stewart – JAM (Team Simpson Finance)

Swift Cup – points after round 3: 1st Wood 143 points; 2nd Parkinson 118pts; 3rd Read 105pts; 4th Dane Skeete (Team Simpson Finance) 77pts; 5th Husbands 69pts; 6th Ryan Peyrau – T&T (Team Suzuki) 63pts; 7th Kyle Catwell (Team ICBL) 55pts; 8th Parris 48pts; 9th C Edwards 38pts; 10th Clarke 24pts; 11th David Summerbell Jnr (Team Simpson Finance) 18pts; 12th Calvel 18pts; 13th Derek Edwards (Team Digicel) 15pts; 14th B Gale 12pts; 15th Freddie Gale (Team Gale’s Agro Products) 4pts

Parkinson and Parris join Suzuki Challenge Series winner’s row as Wood takes early lead

Jason Parkinson and newcomer Arron Parris joined the Suzuki Challenge Series Swift Cup roll of honour at Bushy Park Barbados over the Easter weekend, but Ryan Wood was the star of the show, with two pole positions, three race wins and three fastest laps. Stuart Maloney dominated the SR3 Cup, with a hat-trick of victories.

The second Swift Cup season opened with a double-header, three races each on Saturday and Monday (March 26 & 28), while the SR3 Cup contenders raced only during Monday’s Glassesco Valvoline John ‘Tiny’ Harrison Memorial Race Meet, organised by Bushy Park Motor Sport Inc.

With a host of new names joining the Swift Cup grid, a change in the established order was expected . . . and it started in Qualifying on Saturday. Wood (Team Digicel) claimed his first pole position and Josh Read (Team Massy United Insurance) equalled his best of second, with Reigning Champion, Trinidad & Tobago’s Ryan Peyrau (Team Suzuki), and Carlos Edwards (Team Rock Hard Cement) the best of the newcomers, on row two. With Parkinson (Team Infra Rentals/Sol), Kenrick Husbands (Team Williams Industries) and Dane Skeete (Team Simpson Finance) all within half-a-second of Wood’s pole time, it was going to be tight.

Wood made an excellent getaway from the southern grid in Race 1 for a lights-to-flag victory, chased home by Peyrau, who had squeezed past Read on the opening lap. Parkinson fought through to claim the third podium place, with Edwards again top Rookie, finishing fourth with fastest lap. In a change of format for the new season, the reversed grid for Race 2 is now based on Qualifying times, rather than the results of Race 1, with Team Digicel again on pole, this time courtesy of Derek Edwards, standing in for regular driver Daryl Clarke, who was unavailable.

Edwards led for the first two laps as the closely-knit field resembled a 48-wheeled train snaking around the 2.01-kilometre track, until Parkinson made a lunge as they bunched up at the Sesash Hairpin, passing four cars before the next turn. He took a lead he was not to relinquish on lap three, crossing the line 1.5secs ahead of Skeete, the second newcomer to claim fastest lap, with Read an impressive third from 10th on the grid.

With the grid for Race 3 based on points scored in the first two, Parkinson and Wood lined up on row one, ahead of Peyrau and Skeete, with Martinique’s Pascal Calvel (Team Suzuki) and Read on row three, the latter having received a two-grid penalty for an incident in Race 2. In a thrill-packed eight laps, two battles held the crowd’s attention, as Parkinson and Wood battled for the lead and Peyrau and Skeete fought for the final podium place. Parkinson and Wood, who claimed the fastest lap, crossed the line nose-to-tail, while Skeete was promoted to third and his second podium of the day when Peyrau was disqualified for not taking the Joker Lap.

Parkinson had a 12-point advantage over Wood, with Read and Skeete equal third heading in to round two on Monday, with the grid for Race 1 based on the second-fastest time set by each driver in Saturday Qualifying. The grid was very similar, with Wood logging a second pole position and Read, Carlos Edwards, Peyrau, Parkinson and Skeete completing the top six.

Wood repeated his Saturday Race 1 performance, leading throughout for his sixth Swift Cup win, also adding a sixth fastest lap to his tally. He was chased home this time by Read, with Peyrau third and Carlos Edwards claiming his best result so far in fourth, ahead of Parkinson and Skeete.

Derek Edwards was again on the reversed-grid pole, ahead of Parris, driving for new sponsor Team RBC, Kyle Catwell (Team ICBL), Calvel, Husbands and Skeete. This time, Edwards was to lead for only one lap, before Parris made his move, even retaining the lead when he took the Joker Lap next time round. In second place, Skeete collected his third podium of the weekend, while Parkinson was third; when he rejoined from his Joker Lap on the final tour, however, there was contact in the midst of a close battle between Read and Wood, for which Parkinson was given a five-grid penalty for Race 3.

From the start, it was tight at the top, Wood leading Read, Skeete, Husbands, Peyrau and, from half-distance, Parkinson in a six-car train that tantalisingly drove past the Joker Lap entrance again and again; the first to blink were Skeete and Peyrau on lap six, then Read and Parkinson a lap later. When Wood and Husbands peeled off over the Rallycross Bridge on the last lap, it looked as though third-placed Read was finally going to lose his Swift Cup ‘bridesmaid’ status, but a determined Wood was alongside him as he rejoined and they fought tooth and nail to the flag, crossing the line just 0.263secs apart, the closest finish yet in the Swift Cup. Husbands finished third, another half-second behind, claiming the fastest lap.

Reigning SR3 Cup Champion Sean Maloney reclaimed the Qualifying Lap Record with a time of 58.416s on Monday, to start ahead of brothers Stuart and Mark, Suleman Esuf and David Simpson. The pole-sitter got the best of the start in Race 1, leading until half-distance, when Stuart assumed a lead he held to the flag, followed by Sean and Mark.

With Simpson and Esuf ahead of the Maloneys for the reversed-grid Race 2, a different outcome seemed likely, but they tangled at the Banks Esses on lap one. Simpson rejoined first, but was passed by Esuf, who was a joy to watch as he pushed his car to the limits, missing out on a new lap record by just two-hundredths of a second. The top three finished in the same order as in Race 1, as Mark Maloney was handed a 10-second jump start penalty, although he crossed the line first.

Stuart Maloney made it a hat-trick of victories in race three, leading from lights to flag, chased initially by Sean, then Mark, who finished second, with Esuf third and Simpson fourth, after the Reigning Champion spun on the penultimate lap.


Suzuki Challenge Series, Swift Cup round 1 (March 26)

Race 1: 1st Ryan Wood (Team Digicel); 2nd Ryan Peyrau – T&T (Team Suzuki); 3rd Jason Parkinson (Team Infra Rentals/Sol); 4th Josh Read (Team Massy United Insurance); 5th Carlos Edwards (Team Rock Hard Cement); 6th Kenrick Husbands (Team Williams Industries); 7th Dane Skeete (Team Simpson Finance); 8th Pascal Calvel – MTQ (Team Suzuki); 9th Arron Parris (Team RBC); 10th Kyle Catwell (Team ICBL); 11th Derek Edwards (Team Digicel) Race 2: 1st Parkinson; 2nd Skeete; 3rd Read; 4th Peyrau; 5th Wood; 6th Calvel; 7th D Edwards; 8th Catwell; 9th Parris; 10th Husbands; 11th C Edwards Race 3: 1st Parkinson; 2nd Wood; 3rd Skeete; 4th Read; 5th Husbands; 6th Catwell; 7th D Edwards; 8th C Edwards; 9th Parris; dnf Calvel; dq Peyrau

Points after round 1: 1st Parkinson 65 points; 2nd Wood 53pts; equal 3rd Read & Skeete 39pts; 5th Peyrau 30pts; 6th Husbands 19pts; 7th C Edwards 14pts; 8th Catwell 13pts; equal 9th Calvel & D Edwards 12pts; 11th Parris 6pts

Suzuki Challenge Series, Swift Cup round 2 (March 28)

Race 1: 1st Wood; 2nd Read; 3rd Peyrau; 4th C Edwards; 5th Parkinson; 6th Skeete; 7th Catwell; 8th Parris; 9th Freddie Gale (Team Gale’s Agro Products); 10th Calvel; 11th D Edwards; 12th Husbands Race 2: 1st Parris; 2nd Skeete; 3rd Parkinson; 4th Read; 5th Wood; 6th Peyrau; 7th Husbands; 8th Catwell; 9th D Edwards; 10th Calvel; 11th C Edwards; 12th F Gale Race 3: 1st Wood; 2nd Read; 3rd Husbands; 4th Skeete; 5th Peyrau; 6th Parkinson; 7th Catwell; 8th Parris; 9th F Gale; 10th D Edwards; 11th Calvel; 12th C Edwards

Points after round 2: 1st Wood 113 points; 2nd Parkinson 98pts; 3rd Read 87pts; 4th Skeete 77pts; 5th Peyrau 63pts; 6th Parris 44pts; 7th Husbands 40pts; 8th Catwell 29pts; 9th C Edwards 26pts; 10th D Edwards 15pts; 11th Calvel 14pts; 12th F Gale 4pts

Suzuki Challenge Series, SR3 Cup round 1 (March 28)

Race 1: 1st Stuart Maloney; 2nd Sean Maloney; 3rd Mark Maloney; 4th Suleman Esuf; 5th David Simpson Race 2: 1st Stuart Maloney; 2nd Sean Maloney; 3rd M Maloney; 4th Esuf; 5th Simpson Race 3: 1st Stuart Maloney; 2nd M Maloney; 3rd Esuf; 4th Simpson; 5th Sean Maloney

Points after round 1: 1st Stuart Maloney 75 points; 2nd M Maloney 48pts; 3rd Sean Maloney 46pts; 4th Esuf 39pts; 5th Simpson 32pts


Winds of change in Suzuki Challenge Series

A host of new names join the roster as the winds of change blow through the Suzuki Challenge Series, with driver and sponsor changes confirmed ahead of the second season, which starts Bushy Park Barbados during this weekend’s Glassesco Valvoline John ‘Tiny’ Harrison Memorial Race Meet.

Organised by Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc (BPMSI), the weekend will feature a total of 17 races, with a double-header on both days (Saturday & Monday, March 26 & 28) for the Swift Cup and the single opening round of the SR3 Cup on Monday. Saturday’s races will start from the Southern Grid, right in front of pit lane, with spectator viewing from the Open-Air Suites accessed via the Pit Gate. Monday will run from the Northern Grid.

Reigning Champion, Trinidad & Tobago’s Ryan Peyrau (Team Suzuki), returns to defend his title, but will face some new challenges. Also returning for this weekend’s curtain-raiser to the second season are Ryan Wood (Team Digicel) and Jason Parkinson (Team Infra Rentals/Sol), who finished fourth and fifth last year, along with fellow top 10 finishers Josh Read (Team Massy United Insurance) and Kenrick Husbands (Team Williams Industries).

Daryl Clarke, who finished third last year, is unavailable this weekend, with an announcement due shortly to confirm a replacement driver. The father and son duo of Freddie and Barry Gale in the Team Gale’s Agro Products entry will also return to the series, with Freddie racing on Monday and Barry yet to be confirmed for Saturday.

The list of experienced newcomers is headed by Dane Skeete (Team Simpson Finance), standing in for last year’s runner-up David Summerbell Jnr; along with Rhett Watson, Skeete won the right to represent Barbados in ROC Caribbean during the Race Of Champions in 2014, so is no stranger to a Suzuki Swift Sport.

On Wednesday this week, Bushy Park hosted a Swift Cup Drive Off to fill the vacant seats at Team ICBL and Team Rock Hard Cement. Paul Bourne has chosen not to return, while Mark Thompson has been handed a 12-month suspension from BPMSI race meetings following an incident involving Summerbell at the Swift Cup final last month. He was excluded on the day and the incident referred to the Club Stewards for further investigation; the penalty was awarded on safety grounds, also breaches of BPMSI by-laws and code of conduct on the basis that it was a premeditated and deliberate act that compromised the safety of another competitor.

Kyle Catwell will now represent Team ICBL, returning to Bushy Park, where he had raced before the redevelopment; Team Rock Hard Cement’s colours – along with a striking new livery – will be carried by Carlos Edwards, who has won titles in both circuit racing and stage rallying.

The Team Suzuki Swift Sport campaigned for the second half of last season by Jamaica’s Samantha Summerbell, will now be driven by 2015 Martinique Hillclimb Champion Pascal Calvel, bringing the French Caribbean island back into the competition; it was formerly represented by Jean-Philippe Mongaillard, but only for last year’s opening round.

The final change is of both sponsor and driver, with RBC and Arron Parris joining forces. Parris won 20 races at Old Bushy Park and the Group 2A title in 2003, and has returned recently, in Easykart 125, in which he was runner-up last season.

In the Radical SR3 Cup, a clashing commitment will keep Guyana’s Calvin Ming away this weekend, but the excellent form of Mark Maloney in the final round of the SR3 Winter Cup and the continuing progress of Suleman Esuf will still give Reigning Champion Sean Maloney some food for thought on Monday.

Suzuki Challenge Series
Swift Cup, round 1, Saturday: 11.00am – Practice; 12.00pm – Qualifying
12.45pm – Race 1 (8 laps); 1.45pm – Race 2 (8 laps); 2.40pm – Race 3 (8 laps)
Swift Cup, round 2, Monday: 11.40am – Race 1 (8 laps); 1.20pm – Race 2 (8 laps); 3.40pm – Race 3 (8 laps)
SR3 Cup, round 1, Monday: 10.30am – Practice; 11.00am – Qualifying
12.20pm – Race 1 (12 laps); 2.00pm – Race 2 (12 laps); 4.20pm – Race 3 (12 laps)

Suzuki Challenge Series – Swift Cup, rounds 1 & 2
1 Ryan Peyrau – T&T (Team Suzuki)
2 Derek Edwards (Team Digicel)
3 Ryan Wood (Team Digicel)
4 Jason Parkinson (Team Infra Rentals/Sol)
5 Josh Read (Team Massy United Insurance)
6 Kenrick Husbands (Team Williams Industries)
7 Freddie Gale (Team Gale’s Agro Products)
8 Pascal Calvel – MTQ (Team Suzuki)
9 Carlos Edwards (Team Rock Hard Cement)
10 Kyle Catwell (Team ICBL)
11 Arron Parris (Team RBC)
12 Dane Skeete (Team Simpson Finance)

Suzuki Challenge Series – SR3 Cup, round 1
5        David Coelho – T&T
7        David Simpson
14      Suleman Esuf
16      Stuart Maloney
22      Sean Maloney
86      Mark Maloney







Maloney and Peyrau win Suzuki Challenge Series titles

Sean Maloney and Trinidad & Tobago’s Ryan Peyrau were crowned Champions of the SR3 Cup and Swift Cup respectively when the inaugural Suzuki Challenge Series came to an action-packed conclusion at Bushy Park Barbados on Saturday (February 27). Maloney won both the SR3 Summer Series and Winter Cup, while Peyrau shared honours in the Swift Cup with Summer Series Champion, Jamaica’s David Summerbell Jnr.
Had Josh Read (Team Massy United Insurance) repeated his best lap in practice (1m 15.793s) during the subsequent qualifying session, he would have started the day’s opening race from his first Swift Cup pole position . . . but it was not to be. With a new qualifying record of 1:15.824, Peyrau (Team Suzuki) topped the time sheets as five drivers dipped below the record set last month by Summerbell: Read lined up on the front row, with Summerbell (Team Simpson Finance) and Mark Thompson (Team Hard Rock Cement) on row two, ahead of Team Digicel’s Daryl Clarke and Ryan Wood.
Starting from the southern grid, Peyrau led from lights to flag in race one, with a new lap record (1:15.524) to add to that set in qualifying. Summerbell was just 2.4secs adrift at the flag, with Read and Thompson in close formation behind him. Jason Parkinson (Team Infra Rentals) and Clarke completed the top six.
Freddie Gale (Team Gale’s Agro Products) and Samantha Summerbell (Team Suzuki) were on the front row of the reversed grid for race two, with Paul Bourne (Team ICBL) and Wood on row two, ahead of Kenrick ‘Snappa’ Husbands (Team Williams Industries) and Kurt Thompson (Team Glassesco).
Gale held sway until lap two, when Wood swept past into a lead he would not lose, claiming his fifth Swift Cup win; Gale was passed a couple of laps later by Parkinson, who held second place until the chequered flag, while Peyrau slipped past Clarke on the final tour to finish an impressive third, from last on the grid.
Summerbell’s race came to an abrupt end on lap two during an intense four-car battle for position at the tail end of the field, also involving Husbands, Mark Thompson and Read. After some contact at the previous corners, Thompson appeared not to turn in at the Hammer, causing both himself and Summerbell, who was challenging around the outside, to run off into the gravel trap. The move robbed the Jamaican of the chance to fight for the overall championship in a final-race decider and the Stewards excluded Thompson from the final race of the day.
Based on points scored earlier, Peyrau and Parkinson started on the front row for the final race, with Wood and Read on row two, Clarke and Summerbell on row three. Peyrau and Parkinson edged steadily away from the field, maintaining station to the flag – they even took their Joker laps together – Peyrau claiming his eighth Swift Cup win, one more than Summerbell. The Jamaican lost out to Husbands on the first lap and took some time to fight through the lively mid-field battles – he finished third, ahead of Read, Clarke and Wood, who lowering the lap record even further (1:15.512).
Despite not having driven his Suzuki-powered Radical SR3 RS since January, Mark Maloney was in determined mood, setting a new qualifying record (58.705s), with fellow front row starter Suleman Esuf and third fastest Sean Maloney also under the previous mark, set by Guyana’s Calvin Ming. Maloney was joined on row two by Britain’s Brian Caudwell, with Stuart Maloney, David Simpson and English teenager Jack Manchester completing the field, all breaking the 60-secs barrier.
Mark Maloney was never headed in race one, despite a huge effort by Esuf, who shadowed him the whole way; Caudwell was challenged first by Stuart Maloney, then briefly by his brother Sean, but held on for third. Sean finished fourth, claiming another lap record (58.580s), with Stuart fifth and Simpson the final finisher after Manchester retired on lap three.
Simpson started from the reversed grid pole in race two, but it all went haywire with an incident at the Dipper on lap one, which left Esuf stranded on the infield and Simpson back in the pits with very battered bodywork. Stuart Maloney assumed the lead, chased by Caudwell and brother Sean, Mark Maloney recovering from a spin of his own.
Caudwell dived past Stuart Maloney at the Ws, contact resulting in Maloney spinning, leaving Caudwell free to take his first SR3 Cup win. Sean Maloney took up the chase, with brothers Stuart and Mark finished third and fourth, Mark lowering the lap record yet further (58.457s).
Although some discussion ensued following the Caudwell/Stuart Maloney contact, it was viewed as a racing incident, so Caudwell started the final race from pole, as highest points-scorer so far. With Mark, Sean and Stuart Maloney lined up behind him, Caudwell had a target on his back, but showed steely focus, leading for five laps; Mark Maloney squeezed past, easing away a little to claim his second race win of the day, by just eight-tenths. Stuart Maloney was third, Esuf fourth, Sean Maloney fifth after a spin, with Jack Manchester the final finisher after Simpson retired on lap two.

Suzuki Challenge Series Winter Cup, round 3 (February 27)
Swift Cup Race 1: 1st Ryan Peyrau – T&T (Team Suzuki); 2nd David Summerbell Jnr – JAM (Team Simpson Finance); 3rd Josh Read (Team Massy United Insurance); 4th Mark Thompson (Team Rock Hard Cement); 5th Jason Parkinson (Team Infra Rentals); 6th Daryl Clarke (Team Digicel); 7th Kurt Thompson (Team Glassesco); 8th Kenrick Husbands (Team Williams Industries); 9th Paul Bourne (Team ICBL); 10th Ryan Wood (Team Digicel); 11th Samantha Summerbell – JAM (Team Suzuki); 12th Freddie Gale (Team Gale’s Agro Products) Race 2: 1st Wood; 2nd Parkinson; 3rd Peyrau; 4th Clarke; 5th Husbands; 6th F Gale; 7th Read; 8th K Thompson; 9th Bourne; 10th S Summerbell; dnf D Summerbell, M Thompson Race 3: 1st Peyrau; 2nd Parkinson; 3rd D Summerbell; 4th Read; 5th Clarke; 6th Husbands; 7th Wood; 8th K Thompson; 9th Bourne; 10th F Gale; dnf S Summerbell
Winter Cup final points: 1st Peyrau 169 points; 2nd Parkinson 128pts; 3rd D Summerbell 113pts; 4th Wood 99pts; 5th Read 86pts; equal 6th Clarke & M Thompson 80pts; 8th Husbands 51pts; 9th K Thompson 46pts; 10th Bourne 31pts; 11th S Summerbell 17pts; 12th F Gale 13pts
Suzuki Challenge Series Swift Cup final points (after dropped score): 1st Peyrau 374 points; 2nd D Summerbell 341pts; 3rd Clarke 295pts; 4th Wood 273pts; 5th Parkinson 270pts; 6th M Thompson 263pts; 7th Read 255pts; 8th Husbands 159pts; 9th K Thompson 116pts; 10th Barry Gale (Team Gale’s Agro Products) 92pts; 11th Bourne 72pts; 12th Sean Gill (Team Suzuki) 46pts; 13th S Summerbell 33pts; 14th Karl Waterman (Team Williams Industries) 25pts; 15th F Gale 13pts; 16th Mark Kinch (Team ICBL) 12pts; 17th Jean-Philippe Mongaillard – FRA (Team Suzuki) 10pts

SR3 Cup Race 1: 1st Mark Maloney; 2nd Suleman Esuf; 3rd Brian Caudwell – ENG; 4th Sean Maloney; 5th Stuart Maloney; 6th David Simpson; dnf – Jack Manchester – ENG Race 2: 1st Caudwell; 2nd Sean Maloney; 3rd Stuart Maloney; 4th M Maloney; 5th Manchester; dnf Simpson, Esuf Race 3: 1st M Maloney; 2nd Caudwell; 3rd Stuart Maloney; 4th Esuf; 5th Sean Maloney; 6th Manchester; dnf Simpson
SR3 Winter Cup final points: 1st Sean Maloney 163 points; 2nd M Maloney 146pts; 3rd Calvin Ming – GUY 110pts; 4th Stuart Maloney 101pts; 5th Esuf 93pts; 6th Caudwell 88pts; 7th Simpson 61pts; 8th David Coelho – T&T 27pts; 9th Jim Parr – USA 26pts; 10th David Frankland – ENG 25pts; 11th Manchester 20pts; 12th Bill Henderson – ENG 11pts
Suzuki Challenge Series SR3 Cup final points: 1st Sean Maloney 482 points; 2nd M Maloney 454pts; 3rd Stuart Maloney 404pts; 4th Mark Vieira – GUY 244pts; 5th Simpson 228pts; 6th Ryan Gonsalves – SVG 159pts; 7th Ming 110pts; 8th Esuf 93pts; 9th Caudwell 88pts; 10th Allan Kinch 56pts; 11th Orry Hunte 42pts; 12th Parr 40pts; 13th Coelho 27pts; 14th Kurt Thompson 26pts; 15th David Frankland – ENG 25pts; equal 16th Doug Maloney & Manchester 20pts; 18th Henderson 19pts; equal 19th Bradley Ellis – ENG & Simon Jean-Joseph – FRA 18pts; 21st Barry Gale 14pts

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Esuf and Ming shake up Suzuki Challenge Series

Records tumbled at Bushy Park Barbados over the weekend (January 23/24) as newcomers Suleman Esuf and Guyana’s Calvin Ming shook up the established order in the Suzuki Challenge Series SR3 Cup. Drivers from the UK, United States, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago joined the Barbadian regulars for the inaugural Radical International, as the three-round Winter Cup got under way with an action-packed two-day double-header.

Embarking on his first-ever season of circuit racing, Esuf shocked the establishment with pole position and a new qualifying record (58.965s) on Saturday, shaving 1/100th off Summer Series Champion Sean Maloney’s previous best. Ming joined him on the front row, with Sean, Mark and Stuart Maloney completing the top six along with David Simpson, who qualified with a sub-60sec lap for the first time. Quickest of the UK visitors, Brian Caudwell started seventh, ahead of David Coelho (Trinidad & Tobago), Jim Parr (USA) and fellow Brits Jack Manchester, Bill Henderson and David Frankland.

Saturday’s programme ran from the southern grid. Esuf and Ming looked set for a memorable one-two in the opening race, but the Guyanese teenager was caught in the closing stages, passed first by Sean Maloney, then in a last-lap shuffle by Mark Maloney, as Sean slipped from second to fourth. Judged to have jumped the start, however, Ming was demoted to fourth, with Caudwell fifth and Stuart Maloney sixth.

Making the most of the reverse grid for race two – only the top half of the field was reversed on safety grounds – Caudwell and Esuf were at the front until lap five, when a shake-up of the top four handed Sean Maloney a lead he would keep to the end, chased over the line by Ming. Simpson finished third, having fought hard to keep Mark Maloney at bay, with the recovering Caudwell and Esuf completing the top six.

Sean Maloney made sure of his start from pole in race three, leading Ming, Mark Maloney and Simpson throughout; Esuf passed Stuart Maloney for fifth on lap 10, to complete an impressive track racing debut. Such was the pace that a new lap record was set in every race, twice by Mark Maloney, before brother Sean took it back in race three.

On Sunday, Ming established a second new qualifying record in as many days (58.869s), ahead of Sean, Stuart and Mark Maloney, with Esuf and Caudwell on row three. Ming led throughout the day’s first official SR3 race (an earlier attempt was abandoned), heading home the Maloneys in qualifying order; he was deemed to have jumped the start again, however, the 10-sec penalty dropping him to fourth. Simpson and Parr were fifth and sixth.

Ming would not repeat the mistake, leading the field home in the remaining two races to end the day the highest points-scorer in the SR3 Cup. With another new lap record to his credit (58.716s) from race one, Sean Maloney claimed two more podium finishes to lead the Winter Cup standings after two of three rounds, 13 points clear of Ming, with brother Mark third.

While there were no newcomers on the Swift Cup grid, some personal bests were achieved over the weekend. On Saturday, Jamaica’s David Summerbell Jnr (Team Simpson Finance) claimed his first pole position with a new qualifying record (1:16.299), while Ryan Wood (Team Digicel) equalled his best qualifying performance with second; Mark Thompson (Team Hard Rock Cement) and T&T’s Ryan Peyrau (Team Suzuki) were on the second row.

Summer Series Champion Summerbell led from lights to flag in race one, leading home Peyrau, Jason Parkinson (Team Infra Rentals), Wood and his Digicel team-mate Daryl Clarke and ‘Snappa’ Husbands (Team Williams Industries). In race two, Thompson won his first race since mid-way through the Summer Series, leading home a family one-two, brother Kurt (Team Glassesco) claiming his best-ever Swift Cup result, second. Parkinson was third again, ahead of Peyrau, Freddie Gale (Team Gale’s Agro Products) with Samantha Summerbell (Team Suzuki) equalling her best result in sixth.

While her father David could manage only seventh in race two, he bounced back with another victory in the day’s final outing, giving him the early lead in the Winter Cup, ahead of Peyrau, Parkinson, Thompson, Kurt Thompson and Wood. Mark Thompson’s return to form in race two also netted a new lap record (1:15.898).

On Sunday, Peyrau claimed pole position with another new qualifying record (1:16.090), ahead of a Swift Cup best of second for Josh Read (Team Massy United Insurance), with Parkinson and Summerbell on row two. Peyrau made a clean getaway, leading from lights to flag, with Read, Parkinson, Mark Thompson, Husbands and Summerbell completing the top six in an unusually sedate race.

In the reverse grid race, pole-sitter Paul Bourne looked set to achieve his first Swift Cup race win, a superb defensive drive keeping him ahead until part-way through the final lap, when Ryan Wood and Daryl Clarke both squeezed past for a second Team Digicel one-two (it first happened last October), leaving Bourne third. Peyrau finished fourth, with Parkinson again in the mix, in fifth, and Mark Thompson sixth.

Peyrau doubled up in the last race of the weekend, assuming the lead of the Winter Cup by 22 points from Parkinson, in turn two points ahead of Summerbell. Mark Thompson, Wood and Clarke complete the top six, with all to play for in the final round on February 28.

Pro Surfer and Suzuki Caribbean Brand Ambassador Chelsea Tuach was on hand to present the awards in the Bushy Park Cafeteria on Sunday afternoon.